Sep 16 2013



Previously featured artist Rod Luff puts amazing glow into his work. Lots of owls, birds, and a fantastical edge. Beauty.

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A Prayer for Bees

Sep 12 2013



Lea Bradovich paints Renaissance-inspired portraits that incorporate a lot of buzzing bee beauty. Our disappearing bees need this kind of adoration…because we dearly need them. And they’re incredible, industrious creatures. Thanks to Lea for spreading the love.




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Hatched Cotton

Aug 28 2013



Interconnectedness and sweetness by Philipp Banken.

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Solstice Beauty

Jun 20 2012



The best day of the year.. the most sun.. the beginning of summer.. deserves a mermaid. By the lovely Annie Stegg.





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Birds in Mind

May 30 2012


Gabriel Moreno‘s lush and interconnected world. Amazing.




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Foxy Lady

Mar 28 2012


I like the way Eric Bailey captured the light on her skin with his brush strokes. I also like Mr. Sleepy Fox.

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Spring is Coming

Jan 26 2012


Vania Zouravliov evokes a sense of spring here that our modern pace largely leaves behind. But we can find it if we seek it.

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Ruffles, Crane and Yarrow Flower

Jan 26 2012


Intense eyes by Vania Zouravliov, who likes to listen to really loud music when he draws. The little heart detail is perfect.


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Jan 09 2012


More quiet connection from Ruben Ireland.


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A Bird on the Hand

Jan 09 2012


Clean, elegant, moving. The work of Ruben Ireland.

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