There’s something about the connection between humans and animals that’s hard to explain. That’s probably because it’s the animal in us that’s responding to them – and that part of us doesn’t use words to communicate. The place where that connection lives moves me. And I’m so glad there are artists and photographers who find ways to express it.

As a writer, artist and actor, I work with expression coming from various angles. One reason I love the arts and language is that each form is a piece that makes up the pie of how to talk about this life we’re in.

I read a book once about hieroglyphics and how differently we use our brains to read symbols. Now that we read letters instead, that part of our brain isn’t accessed in the same way. Art is now farther from language. But it’s still a powerful tool for communication and evocation.

After watching me create an evolving mood board on my wall for several months, a friend one day chuckled “you sure have a lot of pictures of ladies with animals.”

He was right. And after filling my bookcase with stacks of images on paper I realized I wanted a more efficient way to catalog and revisit the images I’d collected. And that perhaps someone else might enjoy them too.

Feel free to contact me with submissions. I’m at womanimals@gmail.com

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