Taking Flight

Sep 22 2011


This is a touching portrait Dan May did of his wife and their dear little friend who passed on. Notice the small ghostly birds flying near the top of her big crown of curls.

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Jellyfish Girl

Sep 20 2011


A surprising amount of serenity given that she’s surrounded by jellyfish. But then that’s what I like about it. I also like that the water gets lighter as it gets deeper, while the body goes from orange to red. A nice feeling by Jen Mundy.

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Watery Lady

Aug 24 2011


Audrey Kawasaki just keeps getting better… and better… and..

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Aug 24 2011


I love the stylized trees in this piece, one of Audrey Kawasaki‘s latest.

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Talking Points

Jul 22 2011


What’s he saying? I bet Alice Duke knows.

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Flying Dogs

Jun 22 2011


Another rich world created by Jung Yeon Min.

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Blue-Eyed Ride

Jun 01 2011


Bill Carman rules! I could look at his work for hours and hours. Not just because it’s amazing. And not just because he’s so prolific that his art blog goes on seemingly endlessly. But because each piece takes you somewhere. There’s so much story in each one. Surreal, mysterious, otherworldly; a bit reminiscent to me of City of Lost Children. But with the warmth of copper and its own cast of characters. Check him out, and go on a journey.

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Wolfy Friend

May 09 2011


Andrew Hem. I like the similarity in the eyes here and the balance of color.

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Green Glow

Apr 25 2011


An intimate moment, painted by Rod Luff. Have you been here? Do you want to be?

Beautiful color interplay between the pink sky and light green accents.

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Eating Little Moons

Apr 18 2011


More from Amy Sol. Bliss.

Look at the magical glow of what they’re eating. I want some.

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